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Start Your On-spot Custom Sales Today A platform for seamless on-site custom sales, integrating customer self-design, payment,
and order management
How it Works
Have a Try of Customthings! Experience how your customer can swiftly personalize their products through Customthings.
Customize your product
Effortlessly Fulfilling All
Customization Needs
Boost Your Sales with CustomthingsCustomthings makes creating and selling customization simple, with live customization to enhance customer experience and increase sales.
Customize Easily at Craft FairAt craft fair, Customthings display the final product look, and save communication time with customers.
Your Solution for Easy Handmade
Goods Customization
Real-time Design PreviewLet your customers customize their products easily and see exactly what they'll get. Avoid endless communication!
One-click Open Order, Rapid ProcessingMerchants can easily open orders in XCS, with all graphics and parameters ready for quick and easy processing.
Plentiful Assets, Effortless Creation
Explore Customizable Product Templates
Choose from High-quality Materials
AI generates Previews of Scene Graphs
Upload your templates with ease using xTool materials and preset processing parameters for immediate customization.
Abundant Resources for Easy Creation
Explore Customizable Product Templates
Explore Customizable Product Templates
Choose from High-quality Materials
Choose from High-quality Materials
AI generates Previews of Scene Graphs
AI generates Previews of Scene Graphs
Streamline Your Sales with
Integrated Payments and Orders
Easy Online Payment Powered by StripeStreamlines payments (direct & invoicing) for higher conversion rates. Stripe cuts cost: secure, flexible, stable payments.
Seamless Order Management for ConvenienceOrder management helps merchants easily track order details, including parameter settings, order specifics, processing status, and shipping status.
More Thoughtful Designs to Propel Your Business
Boost Sales with Easy Social Media SharingInstantly share customized products on social media platforms with a single click, which helps increase visibility, and attract more customers.
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How to Use Customthings
Customthings Product Setup and Use Tutorial
Customthings is a platform that is currently being developed to help Small Businesses list and sell their customizable products. Unlike other platforms, Customthings makes setup and listing of Customizable and Non-Customizable products easy. On the other side of that, Customthings makes personalizing items exceptionally simple for the Customer. The interface is intuitive and once an order is placed, the Shop Owner receives the exact product customizations that were made by the customer.This video is a tutorial for Customthings Shop Owners to show them the process of adding a custom customthing, customizable product, and a "Finished Product" that doesn't have any customization options to their Customthings store. From there, the tutorial continues on through the order process, both from the Shop Owner's perspective, as well as from the Customer's perspective. Finally, the tutorial shows the Shop Owner how to process and complete an order from within Customthings.
S&S Laser
Creating and Processing a Sale of a Finished Product on Customthings com1
This video provides steps on creating a finished product and processing the sale of a finished product on Customthings.com
James Lord
What kinds of products can I sell on the platform?
Does the platform provide any tutorial to help me use it?
Can I use the platform on my computer, tablet, or phone?
Does the platform support multiple languages and currencies?
How do I deal with refund?
Is my data secure?
Can I invite my team members to use the services with me?
What can I do when I encounter some problems? How do I provide my feedback for the platform?
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