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Do you have a lot of
problems with laser
Starting or expanding your business has
never been simpler with Customthings
Grow your business gradually
with laser machines
Upload product templates
Customers edit and place orders on their own
XCS file received, one-click processing
Quickly create your shop and
upload mockups
Upload multiple product templates with just one click.
Support highly flexible product customization
Free platformUse our Product Creator to create products and publish mockups with custom designs.
100+ design elementsEaster, Children's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Black Friday, Christmas, Family, Party and more.
200+ product templatesHot materials and svg patterns make up merchandise templates, available for selection, modification and customization.
500+Product materialsTumblers, cutting boards, metal cards, acrylics, jewelry, coasters, phone cases, stickers, and more.
Custom Design ToolWith the free Product Creator, you can effortlessly add designs to any item in the inventory. Uploading designs, setting customizable objects, and previewing finished products are straightforward. The entire mockup procedure is designed to facilitate user-friendly creation.
Easy Order ManagementEfficiently manage orders and automate e-mail tracking.
Easy to set up processing parameters for materialsFor using, purchasing, and processing, there's a way to help you produce products more effectively.
One-click sharing for broader product exposureMany small business users are sharing their shops on social media!
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Start your business in just 5 steps Shop creation is free and easy, and you can customize your shop any way you like!
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  • Free Shop Setup
  • Independent Website
  • AI-Generated Shop
  • Customizable Product Listing
  • Material Management
  • Standard Product Listing
  • One-Stop Order Management
  • Basic Access to Design Templates
  • Basic Access to Product Templates
  • Marketing Data Dashboard
  • Use of the Designer freely
  • Order Email Notifications
  • Exclusive Access to Design Templates (with subscription)
  • Exclusive Access to Product Templates (with subscription)
  • xTool Material Selected Card benefits - coupons $10*2 (worth $20)
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